Woodward Elementary School

After a structural and educational programming evaluation of an existing 1950’s-era former middle school building on the Woodward School site, our design team recommended the demolition and replacement of the existing school.  Careful site planning and appropriate contextual considerations by the design team resulted in a new school tucked-in behind mature oak trees which now run along the front of the school and a two-tone brick façade that pays homage to the beloved buildings at the St. Marks School campus up the street.  The new elementary school is sized for 460 pupils in a very compact and cost-effective plan layout.  ‘Core Facilities’ such as the gymatorium, cafeteria and library are arranged around an attractive two-story entrance lobby.  A two-story academic wing springs off the main lobby.  The Woodward School’s linear plan layout is perfect for maximizing natural daylighting strategies and its sloped roof and traditional styling make it a well-scaled building for young learners.  Mr. Raymond managed the simultaneous design and construction of an addition/renovation project at the occupied Trottier Middle School over the same two year period, and oversaw construction on both sites, with two different contractors.