Uxbridge High School

RDA was selected to work with the Town of Uxbridge in 2009 to replace the town’s antiquated high school.   From the exterior, this school feels both ‘traditional’ and ‘contemporary’ at the same time.  It makes subtle use of traditional building forms such as brick walls, pediments, pitched roofs, a double-gabled facade marking the front entry, and a functioning cupola that bathes the interior entrance lobby with natural light.  These features contrast with contemporary design features such as soaring aluminum curtainwall facades, horizontal solar shades, translucent skylights, composite sheathing panels, and most notably, its two-story daylit ‘Commons’, with its unique undulating wall that pays homage to the historic granite locks and water flow on the nearby Blackstone River.  It’s low cost is especially remarkable given that Uxbridge High School is not simply a ‘flat-roofed box’, but instead features sloped-roofs and a multitude of other durable and desirable features such as superior energy-efficiency, high ceilings, abundant daylighting, a state-of-the-art performance hall, an array of flex-space, and a 1:1 technology ratio.